Aug 31, 2007


Hello, world! I've decided to start my own blog, due to a general plea by my (extremely) numerous fans who couldn't bear not hearing from me once in a while....yeah, RIGHT! Actually, I don't really know what the reason for starting this little page is, but, well, it doesn't really matter, does it? What matters is that I have. Welcome to my blog!

P.S. I've decided to use english on this page because, although most (better said, ALL) of my friends are romanian, I hope to soon make some preferably-english-or-anyway-not-romanian-speaking friends.

P.S.2. If anyone spots a mistake or doesn't understand a word or phrase used on this blog, leave a message and I'll correct it or post the explanation, according to case. Mucios Gracias!(I am fully aware I misspelled that one :P)

P.S.3. You can call me MooNy/M0ony...nice to meet you too!


denize said...

well.. i can't bear not leaving a huge comment out here.. but i'm quite terrified of exposing my "imperfect english" so i'd rather wait a little.. :)) but still damn this introduction it's pretty ok (as pretty as an introduction can be...)

denize said...

this reminds me of.. : it's my life and it's now or never:D i ain't gonna live forever

Cata said...

Hello my friend ! Up till now I see that you`re doing a very good job with this blog :) Seriously

Anonymous said...

Quite, yes